Use this calculator to estimate the bias resistors of a Fuzz Face.

Calculation includes the effect of germanium transistors leakage current in mA (the iL text field). For silicon transistors use a value of 0 for iL. Precise values are required to achieve reasonable accuracy. Vc1 and Vc2 values are very sensitive to small changes in hFE and iL.


fuzz face bias


R1   K
R2   K
R3   K
R4   K
Vcc  V
Vbe  V
iL   mA
Vbe  V
iL   mA


Vc1  V
Vc2  V
ic1  mA
ic2  mA
ib1  mA
ib2   mA
ie1  mA
ie2  mA
i1   mA
i3   mA
V4   V
Ve2  V


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